SPECIAL POST: The Freefall jump from Space

Did you know about this? This is one of the craziest things I’ve heard in my young life, seriously, this is something else and on a different level. Did you know what is Red Bull Stratos project? Well, its a project by Red Bull and some NASA staff trying to get this guy to jump safely from 36.800 meter altitude (120.000ft) and yes, that means the space. … Continue reading SPECIAL POST: The Freefall jump from Space

The weekend results

During every weekend, like many people, I watch some movies and here I will share my experiences. Lets start with Right at your door by Chris Gorak, is a independent movie. Its about a chemical or a biological attack which takes place in Los Angeles and the toxic smoke of the explosion engulfs the protagonists neighbourhood. Interesting concept and when you start watching it, all seems … Continue reading The weekend results

21 Best (unusual) Comedy movies

In all of my lists I try to present you with the unusual movies, the ones that you didn’t expect to see and the ones that don’t feature in every other lists. So, therefore films like Superbad, Knockedup, Rolemodels, Zoolander, 40 year old virgin and Borat wont be featured here (although they are great!), but almost everyone has seen them and they usually feature in comedy … Continue reading 21 Best (unusual) Comedy movies

20 best happy feeling movies

Here you have a list of 20 best films that give a happy feeling. Why? Because sometimes in life, you just want to watch something that makes you happy and put you in a good mood, without any serious conflicts. For those moments, turn to these films. Feel free to leave your own happy movie favorites in the comment section below! Happy times! 1) Due Date – What … Continue reading 20 best happy feeling movies