SPECIAL POST: The Freefall jump from Space

Did you know about this?

This is one of the craziest things I’ve heard in my young life, seriously, this is something else and on a different level. Did you know what is Red Bull Stratos project? Well, its a project by Red Bull and some NASA staff trying to get this guy to jump safely from 36.800 meter altitude (120.000ft) and yes, that means the space. Ok, ok, let me rewind this for you

There is a space type of a shuttle but its more like a hot air balloon, very special one, which will be taking this one guy to the altitude of 36km (writing that just feels ridicilous) and then he will jump from there reaching supersonic speeds… Effectively free falling to the ground. He will reach some incredible speed most likely breaking the sound barrier (!!!), making the jumper, Felix Baumgartner, the first human to break this record.

You want to know the craziest thing about this? There was a NASA mission, Project Excelsior (I love these project names) with Joe Kittinger as the jumper in the year 1960 that, this already and he reached 31 km altitude and safely jumped from there! WHAT! 31 km without the technology we have today and everything went ok ?!? Joe is still alive today and actively assisting the Red Bull Stratos team to achieve the new record. What a machine! Hats off to NASA.

The mission is to provide vital information of the human capabilities in the new pressurised space suits and therefore pave way for future space explorations. After the Project Excelsior was completed, the Apollo project was launched…so maybe after Felix is succesfull we might see the Mars landing projects really taking off!

Oh yeah, they will show the launch, LIVE from Youtube today at 13:00 gmt from here, and its also likely that your local TV broadcaster will be showing it live, check the list of the broadcasters here



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