10 great story driven TV series

Here you can find (in no order of preference) 10 really great story driven TV series out there. What do I mean with Story driven? Its my way of saying that its a TV series with continuing plot throughout the show.

1) SOPRANOS – By many (I would say majority who have seen Sopranos) this is the best TV series of all time. I have to say that I agree. It is without a doubt the best one out there.

Why? Because it has everything you want from entertainment. Great plot (and I mean great, like 11/10 great), Sublime acting (the best casting for any type of TV series ever), perfect soundtrack (opening score is mythically famous, listen to it here), emotional situations, annoying characters, insight to a real Italian mafia system in the USA (there are several cases where the American and the Italian – from Italy- organized crime lords got involved with the project in one or another). There are just way too many reasons to why Sopranos is amazing.

Starring James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco, Sopranos tell a story about a powerful American-Italian family in the state of New Jersey of USA that are involved heavily in the organised crime. All I can say that I’ve watched the entire series 3 times and every time it gets better.

The ending of Sopranos, don’t worry no spoilers, is the most controversial. It was center of a talking point for a long time within the entertainment websites, bloggers and alike. I think it was a insanely risky ending for a truly sublime TV series and definitely got people talking.

2)  BAND OF BROTHERS – There isn’t a better WW2 TV series than this. It is the best mini series I know of and many would agree. Band of Brothers is a 11 hour, ten episode miniseries about a airborne unit of US military starring Damian Lewis (Homeland), Donnie Wahlberg and Ron Livingston with David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) and directed by various people, including Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg.

Band of Brothers got nominated for 11 Emmy Awards in 2002 and won several.

Why is it so good? Because its very realistic and basically a continuation of Saving Private Ryan (largely the same production team). The directing is superb, acting is just divine – Damian Lewis is perfect, the action is in a style never seen before as it feels so realistic giving the viewer the sensation of being part of the action and that is scary, but good scary. The photography, the storyline and the scenery is just top class and to make it all perfect the soundtrack is sublime as can be.

What makes this series even more special is the testimonies of the real soldiers of WW2 who appear in the show before and after every episode. The testimonies or stories are just heart grabbing and very authentic. One of the testimonies given by Major Winters, played by Damian Lewis, in the 3rd episode is one of the best testimonies I’ve heard in my life. Writing about it gives me the chills.

You start building a very special relationship with the characters, so special that you actually think you are their friend. You want them to succeed and you want them to cry. The best thing about BoB is the fact that it isn’t so much about the Americans and Horaa, but about the human spirit and the fight. There are several moments where you burst out crying for no reason, I’ve seen this effect on my most macho friends. So prepare your self for the journey of a life time

Trailer is here: 

and a little taste of the first episode: 

3) BREAKING BAD – Created by Vince Gilligan, the creator of X files, breaking bad is a one weird TV series. It didn’t catch me immediately, not even after a entire series, but once you get into the characters you start to understand it. The setting is a very boring region of USA but the plot is great. Breaking Bad tells a story about Walter White who is a chemistry teacher that turns into a Cristal Meth creator and mastermind of a huge drug operation.

Why is it good? Because its weird. What do you mean? Well, its weird because its something totally new in a way that the main characters are boring but have the potential of becoming interesting and the story can be run in a small circle or in a large scale. There is always this possibility of the main character getting caught which would destroy his family. Then the anti-protagonists, the ones who are the opposite of a good character, are believable.

The intro is great too, its all about the periodic table of elements.

One thing you must know about Breaking Bad is the amount of time it takes to grow on you. I mean it can get pretty boring at some times, but it will be worth it once you get 3rd and 4th season

4) DEXTER – Ah yes, Dexter, you freak. You must have heard about Dexter? No¿ Well then, you are up for a treat. Dexter has everything needed for getting addicted to it: Great plot, Great actors, great side stories, fantastic soundtrack, freaking awesome twists and just amazingly chilling conclusions. Starring Michael C Hall and written by James Manos Jr (the same guy of Sopranos and The Shield).

Dexter is about a guy who works as a blood analyst for the Miami Police Department, but off work, he likes to kill bad people. Why? Because he fucking has to man! No really, he has this weird addiction, which you will find out. That is the show in one frase, now the rest is magic.

This is the king of thriller TV series and so far 7 seasons will tell you that it wont be stopping anytime soon. Honestly, it can at times get bit slow, but do NOT let that fool you, this is a very smart TV show for smart people. Dexter knows its audience and if you don’t like it then its simply not for you, but make no mistake that you will be missing out on one of the greatest entertainment masterpieces of Television history of our generation. In addition, Dexter surprises you with awesome supporting and appearing actors, really really great ones.

I, and many Dexter fans, sometimes (often actually) couldn’t sleep at night thinking of what I just saw or what just happened, and I am a grown up man! It is that good and more. Give it a chance and you wont regret it. Let me know how it made you feel.

Oh and by the way, if you have fear of blood or get retarded from seeing blood then Dexter is not for you. Don’t even try it. You have been warned.

5) STRIKE BACK – British made action/thriller series with phenomenal plot and even better cinematography. This is definitely one of the best action series out there and it will give you a entirely new way of understanding how the geopolitical stuff works in our planet, from the British point of view. The action is realistic, the plot is fantastic, the actors are sexy and very capable. The baddies are really dangerious and the military strategies are definitely interesting. The main character Porter is played by grand Richard Armitage, who has been rumoured to be the next James Bond or perhaps the 008 of the next James Bond movie… That would be great!

Strike Back tells a story about a secret British military unit called Section 20, who basically does the dirty work of the Ministry of Defence. Going around the world and preventing attacks or solving problems, section 20 does not take any shit. So if you have a weak heart or bladder, please do not watch this. But if you have seen 24 and love that action there, then you will adore Strike Back. There are so far 3 seasons and ALL of them are above the bar. Season 2 has to be perhaps one of the best action TV season in the history. Just fantastic. One more thing, the soundtrack is mind blowing. Seriously good music.

And here is the FULL first and second episode of Strike back on youtube: 

6) FALLING SKIES– Aliens invade the Earth and people have to fight back. Heard this one before, right? WRONG. This is NOT a Steven Spielberg’s predictable shit (although he produced the first season, he stayed out of the actually production -thank god!), nor it is ruined by having super famous actors. This actually is a very entertaining series with sincerely terrifying scenes. I mean, you will get surprised and once in a while you will be jump from getting shit scared out of you. I LIKE!

So why is it good? Because the plot is centered around a group of people who know exactly as much as the audience does, which creates a great cohesion for both parties. The aliens are genuinely scary but not almighty, the people are smart and actually do what I or you would do in that kind of a situation. There aren’t any cheesy characters that demand a slap but, characters who demand our respect. There are few episodes where things don’t flow, but besides that the entire series is very good.

If you like Alien type films, action, survival or adventure type of entertainment, then you will adore this one.

Falling Skies Season 1 trailer: 

7) PRISON BREAK – One of the most thrilling action series out there, Prison Break had everything needed to make a successful TV show: Great plot, believable actors, twists, fires, settings and the hook. Prison Break was at the time, one of the most addictive TV shows. If you started watching the first episode, then you were hooked till that season was over. My friends and I, literally, coulnd’t stop watching it. We just couldn’t. It was mad how hooked we were to it and how we got majority of our friends addicted too. We were like TV show dealers man.

Why is it so good? The story. Its all about the story here and the main character, Michael Scofield. The story is just soo good, so well presented with amazing corners and twists that will not let you get bored or sometimes to breathe! There are 4 seasons made and there are strong rumours of a 5th one coming out, but I personally don’t believe it.

Whats the story about? Its about two brothers of whom one is a genius, Michael, and other is a criminal, Lincoln, of which the latter gets into some trouble and assisted with political corruption and lots of mysteries, sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. This prompts Michael to get him out of prison by purposely getting caught while trying to rob a bank. Whats cool is that Michael has tattooed his body full of blueprints of the prison where his brother is held.

Now, the first and second season are golden, then when we get to the 3rd season, Hollywood’s script writers were in strike at that time and so Prison Break writers didn’t create anything exciting nor anything long. So that’s why the 3rd season has only 13 episodes and the rest 23. Nevertheless the 3rd season is good, but just not THAT good as the first two or the last one. So bear that in mind when you get there.

8) WALKING DEAD – I know I know, its only had 2 full seasons so far and the second season was rubbish, but the potential is there and so far the 1st and 3rd season has proved us that it can be part of this list. Walking Dead is created by the same guy who did Shawshank Redemption and that was a pretty awesome movie.

What is it about? Its about zombies who have taken over the earth and there are pockets of survivors who try their hardest to survive.

Why is it so good? Because its gory and raw! Its action packed with genuinely scary scenes and some stuff that you just can’t watch, like splitting skulls and shit like that. Also it shows how humans would behave when pushed to the corner and what we would really value once everything is gone.

Funny trivia: The main character, the sheriff, is a Brit with a very deep Londoner accent, Andrew Lincoln. I was wondering about these things you know, Damian Lewis, Andrew Lincoln and Dominic Purcell (Prison Break’s Lincoln) are all British/Australian. So does this mean that the procuders can’t find any Americans to do these roles? Really!?! Is it so hard to find a native to play the role? I welcome any explanations from you guys regarding this.

On with the business, so Walking Dead is now on its 3rd season and so far its fantastic. Its really really good and I hope it gets better. So what sucked about the 2nd season? Well the chit chat and the fucking romantic shit. It was too much about relationships and tears, rather than about action and survival. The producers listened to their audience, after receiving heavy critisism and falling rates, and correctly changed the course.

9) LOST – Yeah ok, I was underpressure here, because I could not overlook this show and nether did I want to include it here.

Why not include it? Because everyone has probably seen Lost  or knows a lot about it and also the last season was so confusing, fuelled by the last episode. What the fuck happened in the last episode people!!! Seriously, I want to know!

Ok so, Lost, is about bunch of people stranded on a mystical and mischievous island after suffering from a plane crash. All hell and ridiculousness pursuits.

Why is it great? Because there are loads of main characters with really interesting back stories. But the most interesting aspect about Lost, is the storyline. You know deep inside that there is a great ending coming up, but its the ride that matters. Its the journey and the stories with its twists that give you a TV hard on.

The setting is one of the stars of the show and oh boy is it good at it. I think it was filmed somewhere in Hawaii and man it looks just amazing.  There are loads of controversy surrounding Lost, so many that it would take me a week to write about it so just go find out your self about most of them, but one is how one of the main characters, Hugo (the very large guy) doesn’t loose any weight during the entire show or the rumour about how Lost was all Jack’s or Hugo’s dream…Who fucking knows man!

Look, Lost is great, its addicitive. You start watching the first season and BOOM you are so deep in the rabbit hole that you don’t know where your face is. Its addictive and more some. I remember watching Lost in the University with a huge group of people and creating drinking games, for example, whenever there is a flashback or flashforward, you take a shot…trust, there are loads of them!

6 seasons later, Lost continues to be one of the most successful TV series of all time and one of the highest grossing shows.

10) 24 – Last but definitely not least, its TwentyFour, people! I don’t even care if you guys have seen it or not, what you should be doing right now is pay ATTENTION. 24 is on top 10 list of any good movie/TV show blogger or website and for a reason!

Why? Because the stories are UNBELIEVABLE. Seriously, UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE. The story line for each season is so awesome that you don’t even know how to react. I know several people that have watched ALL of the seasons many many times!

From the very first minute of the very first episode, you are taken on a ride that you won’t forget and don’t want to stop. JACK BAUER will mindfuck your world upside down man. Seriously, even if you are a woman or a Amish or a Badger, this show has the right stuff to make your G spot tingle. Honestly.

Why is it so awesome? Because the plot is uninterrupted during the entire season. What the fuck does that mean? It means, the main character has 24 hours to figure out or solve a huge problem and the audience can see exactly the running time.

There are 24 episodes in a season and in each episode is 45 min long (because of ads). The audience follows Jack Bauer during the 24 hours and it makes all the difference. There hasn’t been anything like this before or after.

The first season starst at 12:00 Am and ends on 12:00 AM, which makes this show so cool.

If you are a hardcore dude or dudette, then you’ll watch one season in one go and I guarantee you that it will make the experience even more awesome. There are no slow motions, no flashback or flashforwards, there are no cheesy romantic shitness its just raw and real.

24 is actually a very controversial series, for many reasons, but one definitely being the fact that it promoted torture and therefore many American and other nations soldiers and secret agents adapted Jack Bauer’s methods (most famous case being the British Special Forces in Afghanistan). In fact, there were several court cases regarding the 24 torture techniques in the US and in the UK.

There are in total 8 seasons of which, all are amazing but my favorite is season 4. There is a full feature film called 24: redemption and they are also going to make a 24 the movie next year. Whats your favorite season?

Now the trailer below is not the best of its kind, so don’t let that put you off (I think they started learning how to make good trailers after 2005).

Season 1 trailer: 


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