4 upcoming movies that will blow your nose hair Off!! (unless you’re a toddler)

Movies (some docs) that are coming up which will be (surely) impressive

1) How to make money selling drugs – Are you unemployed or stuck in a dead end job and want make some money? Dont worry, this documentary will be your guide book to learn how to make money by selling drugs!! seriously, that’s the tagline for this Filmentary about successful drug dealers of which some of them made millions per week. It looks decent and yes, it is based in USA but the theme works universally. Check it out when it comes out


2) Captain Phillips – Based on a true as fuck story about a huge American ship called Alabama something getting hijacked by Somali pirates. Right here I got a question, how can bunch of skinny Somali’s hijack so many big ships man, I think they even took over a fighter ship or something. seriously, people need to be prepared to throw some shit at them, like skunks, a skunk will fuck those pirates up in no time, even if they shoot the bastard, it will start such a smell armageddon that they will just jump overboard. Now, back to Captain Phillips, its about these crew who are smarter than the Pirates (duh!) and lock them selves up in the lower part of the ship from where they can overide the bridge controls and take control of the vessel. So the pirates get naturally pissed off and don’t want to play nice, so the drama begins. Starring Tom Hanks and bunch of angry pirates. The trailer looks great!


3) Monster University – This is the second part of the hugely successful Monsters Inc, which was seriously good. If you havent seen the first one, then do me a favour, hold your right hand next to your ear, straighten your palm and now loosen it up and move it extremely fast towards your cheek until impact. You deserved it. Now go watch the first one you silly goose. This is not the a mindblower movie or anything like that, but it is definitily gonna be non-stop fun.


4) Maniac – Holy cheeseballs this movie looks so freaking good! Starring Elijah Woods (you know, the owl faced dude from Lord of the rings and Wilfred), it seems as the viewer would watch this movie from the eyes of the main character. I mean, based purely on the trailer it looks like it will have more than few suspense and trippy moments. Enjoy the trailer as it paves way for the movie



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