6 FaceFuck movies! (fucking funny movies)

Yeah, these movies are so fucking funny that they will hurt your face and totally mess it up due to uncontrollable laughter.


Starring by just about everyone: Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Johan Hill, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera, Emma Watson and even Channing MyTatum appears. Jay and Seth are old buddies (also in real life as well) and play themselves and actually, all of these guys play themselves, and that’s why its so fucking hilarious. So, Jay lives in the east coast of USA and is going to visit his old buddy Seth, who lives in Hollywood or something like that. While there, they get shit-stoned, play video games and go to a house party of James 127HrsFranco. At the party, where all the before mentioned characters are, things start to happen and oh boy is it happening. This movie has bit of everything; monsters, big dicks (literally), demons, drug use, Eric Cartman type situations and lots and lots of funny situations.

Now this movie is not for the serious minded folk that constantly judge a comedy based on its reality, logic or acting, NO! this is a movie aimed at giving a good kick of laugh right to your face! If you have few joints or bottles of tequila lying around, I suggest you gather them and give your self a good time!
The ending of this flick is probably one of the most hilarious ones I’ve ever seen. Seriously, even better than the ending of Smurf the movie. You gotta see this one bro!


Starring few unknown kids and Adrien Brody with his nose, this movie tells a story about a nerd who is bit tired of getting bullied and not being noticed, and a guy who is a stoner and a total failure in school. One night these two once friends get together and smoke a big fat joint, which literally freaks the nerd out and even more so when he finds out at the school that there will be a school wide drug test. So the boys layout a clever plan to get everyone at the school high as fuck. Cue Adrian Brody who plays a mentally unstable drug lord and Bubba from Forrest Gump. This is a hilarious film, which is not for the oldies (over 40’s with family, no independence and like to wear a suit). This movie makes very little sense and most importantly gives huge laughs in return. Roll that J, bro.

21 & OVER

Is very similar to Harold and Kumar series, but bit more updated and with perhaps more boobie action.

Two close friends go to see their old friend in a posh University to give him a hell of a 21st birthday, but things really don’t go as planned (who thought that could happen). The producers of Hangover series are involved, so you know what to expect: drinking, controversy, nudity, vomiting and just total absurdness. It is hilarious, it is outrageous, it has boobies, it has a funny ending and a pretty good moral to the story: get high, wasted and fucked as much as you can before you get kids.


Seth MacFarlene, the creator of Family Guy and insanely ridiculous American Dad, has now created Ted. The movie starring a teddy beard called, umm, Ted and Mark Wahlberg. Narrated by Patrick Stewart and including Mila Kunis and her sweet ass, face, lips and eyes.

Ted tells a story about a kid called John, who made a wish, that his Ted could be alive and something. The wish came true and it kinda got stuck and now, John is an adult in his early 30’s and is looking at getting married to the sweet ass owned by Mila Kunis’ face. Hilarity, insanity and total mayhem ensues.


Ok, its not the best comedy movie out there but fuck me sideways and call me Akbar, this flick has one of the funniest scenes of all times. Written by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Jack Stern (guys behind This is the end) and starring Ben Stiller (this is his best movie in 80 years), Vince Vaughn (this is his funniest movie since Wedding Crashers), Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade (from IT crowd -one of the best TV shows ever made) make this film work beyond expectations. Seriously, this scene – BIT of a Spoiler alert – where these guys capture an alien and basically dry hump the shit out of it! Also, they molest it in many other creative ways. Warning: This scene might make you spray milk out of your nipples if you’re pregnant, ginger or just milky.
Ben Stiller almost ruins the movie by being, err, Ben Stiller, but luckily there’s Jonah Hill to fix that mess.


Directed by Jay Roach (Meet the parents, Meet the fockers, Austin Powers), starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, the Campaign tells a story of a congressman played by Ferrell that goes on for 4 campaings unopposed until he meets Galifianakis’ character. This movie is just plain ridiculous and little bit controversial, for example: Ferrell’s character punches a baby in the face. There are moments that literally make you laugh so hard that it hurts to your face. Honestly, these two comical geniuses are going at each other full speed to enjoyment of the viewer.


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