15 Mindfuck Movies (list 2)

Ever since the launch of the first Mindfuck Movies list, people have been emailing me about the follow up article. After lots of research and movie watching, I’ve concluded that these 15 movies fit the category pretty well.

So, finally we have this highly anticipated Mindfuck list published! These movies are meant to stimulate your brain, play with your thoughts and take you to a never before experienced trip. This is NOT for you if you thought Iron Man was a mindfuck movie, nor is it for you if you thought Hobbit was fucking to die for and went to see it in the movies, nor is it for you if you watch anything and I mean ANYTHING on MTV. Man, I hate that channel.

Listen Dorothy, these movies are for the grown ups, mmmkay? Don’t come sneaking in here and taking these movies away with you, cos you need to be in a correct state of mind while watching these, which means, mature, open minded and at least little bit cultured. Maybe this could be the start of your culturing and movie education. Who knows! But, make sure your mommy doesn’t call me after watching the number 14 or 15.

ONE MORE THING, these movies go in order of Mindfuck levels – from light (1) to heavy (5). Next to each title you’ll see the number indicating the heaviness of the movie. This is done in order to provide a spectrum of choices for you, so that you can pick the right one, for the right mood. It depends HUGELY how you watch these movies. Seriously. You can’t just watch them on a train, or in a park or on a sunday afternoon. NO! You must be prepared for them, train your mind to be prepared for them. Otherwise, you’ll come here and scream at me for them being shit. Make sure you gots the TV and Sound sorted, wear something comfortable, turn off the lights, have some drinks (alcohol please) before and during, and other stuff that makes you relaxed (except for #14 & #15!). The setting & your state of mind is absolutely fucking crucial for enjoying the movies in the best way possible.

Happy times!

Here we go:

1)   Cabin in the Woods (1)– Once you start watching this one, you’ll be thinking: “man, I know how this shit’s gonna end; lots of people are gonna get killed and the hottest chick survives, or something on those lines”. No, you bad boy, this is not one of those shitty movies, and shame on you thinking otherwise! Granted, Cabin in the Woods is a horror movie, but it is so much more than that; it’s an authentic mindfuck movie baby! It plays with your brain and even with your face, till you go so deep into the rabbit hole that you need to stand up to feel alive!

Why is it on this list?

The ending, the ending, the ending. Never seen anything like it and hope to have many more “horror” movies such as this.

2)   Looper (1)– Lots of requests to include this one here, so here it is bitches and ladies. Looper is barely touching on mindfucker aspect; I would classify it more as a (light) trippy movie. Starring Bruce same-face-expression-as-always Willis and the guy who is in almost all of the recent movies Jason Gordon-Levitt. Looper tells a fucked up tale of a guy who kills people, that are sent from the future only to be assassinated in the past, by a Looper. One day, the main character has to kill his-future-self and that’s when shit gets real good.

Why is it good? The story, which actually is very engaging, the acting, however is average, but it’s the ending where you get your shot of mindfuckaine (yeah that’s right, just made that word work!), so watch it till the end, will ya!

3) Alice in the Wonderland (1)– The newest installation of this famous story directed by Tim Burton, known for coming up with some really weird shit and he’s not disappointing here this time ether.

Some may say that this is one of the trippiest Alice In The Wonderland’s, and others may say that its not a good movie at all, but I say (and here this matters more) that its so different from any other Alice movie before it, or dare I say, after (unless Chris Nolan gets its hands on it). The original cartoon version is insane, we can all agree with that, but this one is just for another audience.

Why is it good?

Direction by Tim Burton and Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp, the Red Queen by Helen Bonham Carter, and all this set in an imaginary place where anything is possible and all characters are pretty much insane and interesting, especially the fat cat. Love.That.Fat.Cat.

Now, doesn’t all that sound like lots of fun?

There are loads of familiar scenes from the original cartoon, but they are all remade in Burton style, delightfully there are some entirely new ones that are full on ludicrous. Whatever your cup of tea might be, this mindhump will take good care of your mindfucking urges. Make sure you got a big HD (quality of the image is paramount) TV, great sound system and lots of fucking quality drugs to take full advantage of this fantastic piece of entertainment.

4) The Fall (1)- Trippy, yes, mindfucker, somehow. This film is a festival of colours and random scenes, perfect for recreational exercises (wink, wink). The movie is in a narrative mode and done so by the same dude from Pushing Daisies called Lee Pace. The best way to describe The Fall is by telling you how it feels: Like a visual orgasim. Unfortunately, only certain part of the film is entertaining (the first 40min), the rest falls slowly into an abyss and the story just doesn’t carry it through efficiently.

Why is it good? The cinematography, photography, the scenes, colours (Oh my god, the colours are fucking sublime, man!) and some of the supporting characters are interesting.

5)   Upside Down (2)– This movie is literally upside down almost the whole time, so if you get nausea easily, then this is not your cup of tea. Starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess, Upside Down tells a story about a couple whom live in two separate World’s. These worlds hang very close to each other in the space, without actually coming in to contact with one another. The upside world is very wealthy and the downside one is very poor.  Not the easiest thing to describe, but it’ll all make sense once you watch the trailer.

Why is it good? The beauty of it all makes it a pleasure to watch. The cinematography is top-notch, the concept is very cool and the idea is fascinating.

But…? Yeah well, the story is not the best…but the images and the concept takes you through it more than nicely. Just don’t expect a Shawshank Redemption here.

6) The Fountain (2)– Starring Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman, the Fountain tells a touching story about a couple who are going through some very rough times. But don’t be fooled by its romantic branding, this one is a mindfuck for sure. The female main character is terminally sick, with some serious cancer, and the leading male is trying to figure out a solution for it, going to the extreme lengths to do just that. So begins one of the weirdest, most unstructured movies of recent times. Let me give you a little snapshot: We got a tree, a bubble, Buddha also gets in there, some Spanish Conquistadors are involved, another very historical situation, some things floating in the space and the tree again and plenty of other crazy stuff.  These are just some of the basic ingredients of Fountain

Why is it good?

Cos its weird man, really weird and we like weird movies here.

You cant possibly keep up with it, unless you were a film major, and even then you wouldn’t be able to keep up, cos this shit is crazy, yo! Ok, maybe not that much, but its definitely a mindfucker to some extent. Don’t expect a happy ending, though. Watch it with your lady/manfriend, because it will do 2 things for you: 1) Get you asking from each other: what the fuck is going on constantly which will cause some giggles go around, 2) Get the romantic groove on: it’s a very romantic movie, involving a man who will go to any lengths to heal his wife, and chicks love this kind of shit.  If you shed some mantears then you are in for sure!

7) The Matrix (2)- The first Matrix is without a doubt a fantastic Mindfuck movie. You can’t argue with that, no matter what your opinion is about the movie. Starring Keanue Reeves and Laurence Fishburne and directed by the secretive Wachowski Brothers, Matrix tells a story of a character called Neo who gets involved with a underground movement that is has a very cool and different way of living. They live on the other side of the program, which they call the Matrix. This movie is now a cult movie and will always live in a legendary status, due to its incredibly entertaining storyline, fantastic acting, fresh and creative as fuck camera usage and a sublime effects bonanza.

There are so many amazing dialogues, so many incredibly famous scenes, so many fantastic action sequences that make this movie one of the best ever made. Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you about the fucking awesome soundtrack?!

8) Mr Nobody (2)– Is really fucking weird. Ok, I re-write that; Mr Nobody tells a fascinating story about a guy called Mr Nobody played by Jared Leto, who is very fucking weird, and he lives several lives within the plotline, thus confusing you to the grave. Mr Nobody demonstrates to the viewer, arguably, where certain choices can lead to and what are the consequences of each move and relationship you create or influence. Mr Nobody has 99 problems, but trust me, the bitch is one. We get to have our computer generated imagery porn, enjoy beautiful cinematography and eat up the brilliant plot twists accompanied with its fair share of backflashes and flashforwards. Yeah, it’s a decent Mindfuck movie, however, it didn’t sink into me as heavily as I would have like it to, but it does the job, and hey, maybe it’ll do it for you.

One thing is for sure: Mr Nobody is very good entertainment.

9) Black Mirror season 2 episode 2 (3)– Yep, this is a TV show, but it needs to be here for 3 reasons: 1) Its crazy as fuck and will mind fornicate your pretty little brain, 2) The ending is insanely genius, 3) its an hour long TV episode made by one of my favourite people on earth. Black Mirror is a British mini TV series created by the prolific journalist and satirist: Charlie Brooker, who is probably the most creative writer out there. He pretty much doesn’t have limits and is not afraid of talking his mind out.

This episode tells a story of a weird society in England, which is totally obsessed with reality TV. I’m not gonna tell you more, cos it’ll give away too much.

Why is it good?

The story, as its so relevant to our current society and the light it sheds on our obsession for reality TV is noticeable, stuff like getting clips on to YouTube, recording anything with phones and enjoying other people’s misery publicly. The ending has to be one of the most epic ones that I’ve seen lately in a TV show. Seriously, it will surprise the shit out of you. Just make sure you don’t cheat by finding about it online or checking out trailer.

I am not putting up a trailer here, just a link to where the episode can be found.  You should watch the whole series, actually.

10) Black Swan (3)– Directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis’ sweet, sweet face and Vincent Cassel (hereon known as the luckiest actor alive –does a threesome with Portman and Kunis), Black Swan tells a story about an aspiring ballerina played by Portman (who actually wasn’t most of the time), who gets involved in some real mad shit.

Why is it good?

The director. Who is pretty good at what he does and this becomes super clear from the fourth scene onwards as we are led into his world while being mesmerised by Portman’s face. Afonosky is the guy behind the legendary Requiem for a dream (featured in the first mindfuck list and perhaps the King of all Mindfuck movies), so you know that this wont disappoint your specific needs. There are lots of cool scenes, especially the hot as lava scene where Natalie and Mila get kinky and I mean really kinky (scissoring is involved – yayy!). Besides the random masturbation and lesbian loving scenes, the movie is actually brilliant, nearing a masterpiece, if you can open your eyes and senses for it. The ending is delicious and delivery of the entire script is aligned with the quality of acting, directing, cinematography and theme. Portman did get an Oscar for this.

11) The Saw movies (4)– Yeah, that’s right motherlover! Have you ever seen a Saw movie? Don’t knock it before you’ve seen one. Because if you have, then you surely know that these movies are totally bonkers, sickening at some points, however, nobody can argue that they are sublime mindfuck material. There are plenty of  Saw flicks out there (7 in total that I know of) and each time, they’ve managed to deliver the much searched brain coitus factor. The first Saw is now a legend, due to its absolutely unpredictable plot, fantastic storyline and behind the tree ending – seriously, that ending is work of fucking art. Who would have guessed it?!! WHO, I SAY!!

Onwards: each of the Saw movies has its very own special sauce, the factor that makes the viewer have a movie-hard-on (applies to women, too, mmkay). Each scene, each dialogue and each scene forces the viewer to guess and to ponder about the next move, with the inevitable failure to get it right. One thing is certain about the Saw saga: they are not really romantic, and pretty grotesque at some points, so it is not for the weaker hearts or stomachs, for that matter. Also, don’t wear white underwear during the movie, trust this advice please.

Saw 1 Trailer:

12) Oldboy (3)– The set is Seoul, Korea (and nope Billy Bob, they don’t speak American over there), the character is Dae-su Oh, the conflict is multi-layered but basically he’s a dick who serial-fucks-up things and gets into some heavy shit with pretty fucked up people. I know you mindfuck lovers are jumping from joy right now that Oldboy is finally included here, and to be honest with you, I owe you guys a gracious thank you for annoying the fuck out of me with your constant emails and comments to add this movie here, so this one is for you bastards!

Oldboy tells a story of a Korean (south, not the wacky north) businessman whom one day wakes up in a room, where he’s been kept captive for a while (for how long? you must find out). I can’t really go on further than this, it could ruin the movie for you.

So what’s so fucking great about Oldboy?

The story, which is the king here. The ending also helps, but really, it is all about the collective strength of the story, such as: (MINOR SPOILERS) how he’s been held captive, for what reason and how he handles that situation. That alone is worth watching this masterpiece.

13) Buried (4)- FUCCCKKKKKK is what you’ll be screaming at the ending of this fantastic movie. Seriously, the ending will take you by surprise. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Directed by the very capable Spanish mastermind, Rodrigo Cortés, this Spanish movie tells a gruelling story of a man who’s kidnapped and buried alive in a casket, 6 feet underground only with his mobile phone and a lighter (cover photo of this article). The phone is his only lifeline and he really tries to use it to his advantage.

Why is it a mindfucker? The entire story, the buildup towards the end, the dialogue and the compelling directing makes this movie one of the best mindfornicators out there. I do have ONE HUGE warning to give out, which is totally in serious: If you have claustrophobia, do NOT watch this movie. Seriously, don’t even try.

WARNING – Ok, these following two movies could be also categorised as Mindfucks, but I rather categorise them as fucking insane with hint of horrible. I’m only including them here to show you that the mindfuck movies can go another level crazy.

Seriously, no joke, these movies could damage your mind, in a very different way than the above. Take caution when deciding to watch these. Definitely not for under 23 year olds, nor to be watched in any sort of company, unless your friends are absolutely in same frequency than you.

14) Enter the void (4)- This could be perhaps one of the most twisted movies I’ve ever seen and I only watched it because lots of you asked me and boy do I fucking regret that decision. The first 20-30 min of this movie seems promising at the first glance, however things start to go so downhill from there, in terms of cinema (story, acting etc.). You keep asking yourself, “why the fuck am I watching this shit?” and “what is this and that, and why would someone want to put money into making it?”. Yeah, it has some serious aesthetics, and some neat camera shots, but the director uses the same tricks so many times that it makes the viewer numb. Also, the story is total donkey shit. However, it is a mindfuck.

Why should you watch this? If you think you need to step up your mindfuck experience a notch. Maybe you are looking for a very indy experience and want to take a risk with some shit like this. Just remember, it might even corrupt your mind. This movie is directed by Gaspar Noe, who is known for mixing shit up.

15) Irreversible (5+)-Another Gaspar Noe movie and it is absolutely sickening and one of the most controversial full feature movies, period. Starring Monica Bellucci (in all her glory) and Vincent Cassel, this twisted and nightmarish mindrape is fucked up in all ways possible. The entire story is presented backwards, along with it comes pretty neat and creative camera angles. The story is actually pretty good. The acting is superb, I mean Cassel and Bellucci are brilliant. However, arguable the most grotesque scene in the mainstream movie history takes place in here, with the most atrocious rape scene and violence of Monica Belluccis character (no, its not hot at all). SERIOUS WARNING: This scene is honestly fucking sick and might cause permanent damage in you.

Please be absolutely prepared to take on this movie. I can’t stress this enough. This was the most walked out movie of Cannes film festival, ever, so you’ve been warned.

However, if you get past the mental and visual torture, there will be an award at the end.


71 thoughts on “15 Mindfuck Movies (list 2)

  1. Before I say my piece, let me just say that I found a lot of great films from both your mind fuck films lists…that being said, I found it somewhat amusing that at the start of the article you have “This is NOT for you if you thought Iron Man was a mindfuck movie, nor is it for you if you thought Hobbit was fucking to die for and went to see it in the movies” yet the previous list included films like Final Destination, Inception and this one has Looper and Alice in Wonderland…ALICE IN WONDERLAND! Jesus Christ, Iron Man AND The Hobbit were closer to being mindfuck films than Final Destination, Inception, Looper and Alice in Wonderland thrown together.
    I mean I guess its entirely a personal opinion and like I said, I’ve found some GREAT (like genuinely phenomenal mind-fucks) from your lists but I just don’t see how any of those films can be included.
    Films like Coherence, The Man from Earth, Primer, Mr Nobody, I totally get but I think there is a clear difference between a film being a bit weird and a film being called a mind fuck!

  2. 3 bollywood movies that will leave you stung….
    1) kaun-(a girl home alone, announcement of serial killer on tv, and the doorbell rang….go ahead.

    2) 404 error not found- what do ghosts have to do in a medical college, well a lot…..educational take on ghosts and halluciation( end will lwave you with an emotion never experienced before)

    3) wo kaun thi- black and white film with the best starting scene ever made( even in hollywood)…it’s a movie about the mindfuck that fucks with your mind….and the most seductive tracks(if you can understand hindi)

    and don’t bother for interpretations, we Indian people never let anything unexplained

  3. will totaly disagree with Enter the void description its my favorite film of all time, and its down the list from saw?? wtf.. depends if your into trancendence afterlife and reincarnation, no film has ever hit an angle of death like this film mainly from its first person point of veiw from being alive to dying and what you ‘may’ see when we die, the film was inspired by gaspar noe taking ayahuasca and him trying to put his visions into perspective, nuff said

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