New Mindfuck list coming up!

Holy flaming pigshit, we’re gonna launch our 3rd Mindfuck list! Soon though.

Yeah, its been a while, so what, blow me. But now we’re gonna keep on coming with the hot new shit. Starting with a brand new Mindfuck list, due to be launched in October.

Meanwhile, check out some of these upcoming movies that we’re excited to see:


Fuck!! Thats what you’ll be saying few times while watching the trailer. Its awesome! Michael Keaton is back and whoa, whos that director, its none other than Alejandro González Iñárritu from Babel and 21 grams, to mention a few. This movie maybe or may not depict Keaton’s Batman role…it is titled Birdman after all..


Ever heard of Dan Harmon? No!? Well he’s the guy behind TV series like Adult Swim and Community, and he’s hilarious. Seriously funny, witty and fucking disturbing man, who lives a very strange and controversial life. He has loads of famous friends, like LOADS! Check out the trailer and you know what I mean


Gabe Ibañez, Spanish director, along with Antonio Banderas brings us this fascinating story about bunch of robots in the future that just wanna have fun and save humans. However, with Ibañez, you know things are not going to be so straightforward. Banderas looks great and holy cowbells so do the robots too!


What the fuck. Seriously, how random can a movie get? Well, this random. Frank is an incredibly original story about a character called, erm, Frank. Played by Michael Fassbender, Frank is this eccentric character that does all kinds of crazy shit and does it with style. He also wears a giant doll head. Yeah. You need to see the trailer to know whats going on!


Chris Nolan and Matthew McConaughey together. Not enough? Ok, the movie is about the World kind of ending and the need for humans to look for a new place to live. Yeah. Enough said


12 thoughts on “New Mindfuck list coming up!

  1. how about Jim Carrey’s “Number 23” ???? that is really a mindfucked movie that needs to be on the FIRST list …

      1. Agreed. Triangle is my fav mind fuck. Those little details you notice on a second watch are nice too. Brilliant movie that most don’t even fully understand.

  2. You should really watch ‘the life before her eyes’ its one of the most amazing mickfuck movies ever!!!

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