10 Movies Writers Can Turn to For Inspiration

This article is written by Jan Pressley, more about her below.  Writing is one of the most challenging, yet satisfying experiences, both emotionally and intellectually. Great works have been born out of moments of great inner turmoil, and moments of great ecstasy, and despite some other art forms being more popular today, a written word still has the same power it always had: to take … Continue reading 10 Movies Writers Can Turn to For Inspiration

Meh Amenabar

Ah Alejandro Amenabar, the maestro of fascinating angles and eerie but intervening story telling, some complete master pieces; The Others, Sea Inside and Abre los ojos (Vanilla Sky) to mention a few. The Spaniard´s most recent one is called The Regression, where Ethan Hawke plays a troubled detective in some backwards US town and Emma Watson as a supposed victim of sexual aggression. The expectations … Continue reading Meh Amenabar