Meh Amenabar

Ah Alejandro Amenabar, the maestro of fascinating angles and eerie but intervening story telling, some complete master pieces; The Others, Sea Inside and Abre los ojos (Vanilla Sky) to mention a few.

The Spaniard´s most recent one is called The Regression, where Ethan Hawke plays a troubled detective in some backwards US town and Emma Watson as a supposed victim of sexual aggression.

The expectations are high, the director after all did take us to an soul grabbing journey with The Others, and in other occassion took our hearts to brink of abyss in Sea Inside.

*Spoiler alert*

Initially the vibe is eerie and secretive, as you´d expect, however as the time passes, the story just doesn´t unfold quick enough if at all. No Amenabar slaps and no “damnnnn” moments. None of that. Just a boring story not unfolding and not entertaining the shits out of you. Characters are lame, story is like a fat goose limbing across a massive empty North-Korean-square.

Thats it really. Kind of a short post but the movies is in that entire paragraph above. Prove me wrong, I dare ya!

Don´t waste your time on this piece boys and gals, its not worth it. Unless, oh oh, unless you LIKE watching at screen savers for 120minutes! Then you should definitely go see it. In fact take your entire family.


2 thoughts on “Meh Amenabar

  1. Okay, okay but he has some great movies…:)…I also like other spaniard directors (for example Almodóvar, Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage or The Impossible,) Rodrigo Cortes (Buried)…) and actors/actresses (Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz…)

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