10 Movies Writers Can Turn to For Inspiration

This article is written by Jan Pressley, more about her below. 

Writing is one of the most challenging, yet satisfying experiences, both emotionally and intellectually. Great works have been born out of moments of great inner turmoil, and moments of great ecstasy, and despite some other art forms being more popular today, a written word still has the same power it always had: to take you into a different world, make you feel and make you think at the same time.

However, writer’s inspiration is a tricky beast, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to move past a blank page, watching that cursor blink, as if waiting for you to say something. Moments like that should be an opportunity for you step back and clear your head, instead of trying to push through the block, and lose yourself in a good movie.

Our infographic features 10 movies which can inspire any writer, whether they look up to Shakespeare for his poetry, or Hemingway for his stingy, dense prose. Compelling stories, convincing performances, beautiful photography or even eye-popping visual effects, all of these can be become triggers for a writer to develop a new idea, out of which brilliant new work is created.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We say, a motion picture could be worth a million, or just one, but one that will help push you in the right direction. So, allow yourself to wander the dark hallways of Hotel Earle in the Coen Brother’s deliciously bizarre Barton Fink in pursuit of that elusive spark of creativity. Or perhaps let Finding Neverland take you on a magical journey where fiction and reality seamlessly intertwine themselves into a tangled web of nostalgia and innocence, recalling some of your fondest childhood memories.

Treat yourself to a great motion picture every once in a while. It might just be what you’re missing as a writer.

Top 10 movies that will inspire you to write

Author’s bio: Jan Pressley is a talented designer and a movie fan. Recently she started her career of the infographer at Topreviewstars.com essay service.  She is sure that this is a good start. Also Jan tries to take a part in local charity events.


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