Update Update! Get your Update!

Hey guys, I know I’ve been out for a while but thats because I was mountain trekking in the Mongolian mountain range for a spiritual salvation…maybe.. Anyway, lets get on with the action! Starting off immediately with perhaps the best, fuck it, it is the best James Bond ever made: SKYFALL! Boom Boom BOOM! Before Daniel Craig was chosen as the JB, the Bond franchise … Continue reading Update Update! Get your Update!

20 best happy feeling movies

Here you have a list of 20 best films that give a happy feeling. Why? Because sometimes in life, you just want to watch something that makes you happy and put you in a good mood, without any serious conflicts. For those moments, turn to these films. Feel free to leave your own happy movie favorites in the comment section below! Happy times! 1) Due Date – What … Continue reading 20 best happy feeling movies