Cool upcoming movies

Straight to the point, just because there is lots of promising stuff coming out soon and we will try to bring you the best of movies and their trailers. There are all kinds of genre’s here. Good stuff!

Numero uno… Zero Dark Thirty. Right, this is  a very controversial movie because of its subject: The hunting of Osama Bin Laden. Let me tell you something, once you watch the trailer you get this feeling that this could be potentially powerful movie. Think about it, we don’t know almost anything about the hunting down and killing of Osama, we only know what the official military report told us; Bunch of Navy Seals pinpointed Osama Bin Laden’s location and decided to capture or kill him. The place is Abottbad, Pakistan. They kill him, some of his staff and family and here is the weirdest part, dump him in the ocean…………….. THAT’S the official statement. Now, I’ve seen enough movies to know that cant be entire truth.

Well that’s what Zero Dark Thirty will be uncovering.

Here is the trailer:

Zero Dark Thirthy

Here comes the BOOM! Oh yeah, watching the trailer and the clips, this one looks very entertaining character driven underdog story. Kevin James, the Queens something guy, two first name type a guy, plays a teacher who gets involved in saving his schools, where he is a teacher, funding for some activities. So he becomes a MMA fighter. Rest looks great. Hope its not super cheesy and a typical happy ending without a major conflict type of a movie

Here comes the Boom

Another very controversial movie, this time with pure bad luck. Gangster Squad is a film about bunch of cops who want to end a mafiosos inlfuence in the, I guess, 1930’s USA. Gangster played by Sean Penn and the Gangster Squad played by , Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Robert Patrick, Michael Peña, Giovanni Ribisi (love him!!), Anthony Mackie and the women interest is played by Emma Stone. Trailer looks great. Bad luck was because of the Aurora Shooting, they had to postpone the launching time to January 2013 and re-edit decisive scenes.

Gangster Squad

And then the scary one… The Sinister. Damn, I watched this trailer alone at night just before going to bed (wrong mistake, do NOT do this people). It gave me the paranoia, shivers and got me very aware and perhaps bit scared.

Sinister the movie trailer

No, I won’t let you go away with a scary movie. Here is a nice one called Starbuck. Its about a French dude who donated shit loads of his sperm and basically is the father of 533 children or something. Insane, looks hilarious and hey, it’s a french movie which means it will be very koo koo?! Can’t wait!



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