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Hey guys, I know I’ve been out for a while but thats because I was mountain trekking in the Mongolian mountain range for a spiritual salvation…maybe..

Anyway, lets get on with the action!

Starting off immediately with perhaps the best, fuck it, it is the best James Bond ever made: SKYFALL! Boom Boom BOOM! Before Daniel Craig was chosen as the JB, the Bond franchise was bit of a joke/hilarious entertainment, with some good moments, notably Goldeneye was pretty awesome. But the rest are definitely not classified as “real action movies“. Everything changed when Mr Craig took the lead. Now Bond is a real person, he has feelings and a past. Did you know JB is from Scotland? Hah?

Let me give you immediately the Popcorn score for Skyfall: 5/5! Why? Because it is fucking awesome! Its real, emotional, angry, revengeful, and insane. I have never seen a action movie with so many connotations and power around a character, a believable character. Everyone is great in this, Judy Dench is just unmovable, like a ROCK man. Javier Bardem, dios mio que grande eres Javier! In this film Javier is just something else. Supporting actors are all real. What do I mean by real? I mean, believable, earthly, true to the film. Not fake, not ruining the movie by silly cliches or uncomfortable scenes.

Listen, I have always liked Bond movies just like the other guy, but just liked them, never did I after watching them go: HOLY FLAMING SHEEP BALLS THAT WAS AWESOME, or I WANNA SEE THAT AGAIN (and then, waited in the toilet of the cinema until the new screening started and sneaked in again to watch it second time).

This Bond doesn’t have the gadget orgies of the previous ones, nether does it have the cheesy shagging scenes, no Sir! Its Raw and real. Skyfall is sublime

NEXT: Batman- The Dark Knight Rises

Well Well, Mr Mindfuck, aka Chris Nola is at it again people! What can you expect from the third part of the new Batman saga? Well, fantasticness. Thats what. Besides Anne Hathaway, this film is just fucking sublime. It is really really good and keeps surprising you all the time. You will go through emotions, anger, surprises and other shit. What ever you do, do not underestimate Mr Mindfucks (Nolan) ability to entertain you.

Funny thing: Besides Morgan Freeman and Marianne Cotillard and Joseph Gordon Lewitt, this film is all British. British director, main characters and money… Those Brits are upping their game, ha?

This is without a doubt the best of all Batman films and the one with the best story. Tom Hardy is phenomenal, the supporting actors add correct amount of value to the course of the film and to the plot. Michael Caine is giving perhaps his best performance in the recent years, but unfortunately we don’t see much from Mr Freeman. One thing I need to say is: Watch this on a large screen, pay for it, go to cinema, because it will just amplify your experience. It is just awesome.

Popcorns: 5/5, yes again.

The Watch: Starring Ben always-same-style-of-acting Stiller, Vince too tall Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade (from IT Crew) and directed by Akiva Schaeffer, the Watch is a very entertaining comedy flick. For a movie with Ben Stiller in it, this is really good.

Perfect for your late night comedy slot, The Watch will surprise you and make you giggle like a little girl while taking some things way too far. Spoiler alert: there are aliens involved and they will get violated, sexually too.

Why is it good? Because its different and Ben Stiller is not starring in it alone, so he cant bore the movie down. Vince Vaughn is hilarious to the extreme and honestly the whole plot kinda works. There is a plot I mean, but thats besides the point, its more about the Aliens and how they get abused.

This is almost a family friendly film, depends how senile your kids are or how old they are. I would have some beers with this one.

Recommended comedy!

Popcorns: 4/5 – If there was anyone else doing the role of Stiller, this film would be perfect.


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