Looking for a new TV series to watch?

Here we’ll show you 5 options for a new TV series to get hooked on. You know, everyone needs their addiction fix and watching a great TV series is a great way of filling that hole. One thing to note about these ones is their length, they are all full time shows, meaning the running time is above 45 min.

1) SUITS – Hello, My name is CouchPopCorn and I am addicted to TV series called Suits.

What is Suits? Its about a very competitive Legal firm called Pearson Hardman in city of New York and run by a very ambitious Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres, from Firefly, Serendipity) and its best closer, Harvey Specter. Now, Harvey is a Senior partner who must hire a new associate and for some reason, he ends up with Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). Who is a genius with an incredible mind, which is capable of remembering everything it reads or sees. But Mike Ross has never gone to law school, he is a fraud and weed toking stoner.

Why is it good? WHAT! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST ASK!?! Sorry, sorry, its just that, I get really defensive and wildup when someone even questions this show. Sorry. Ok, its freaking flipfloping awesome because its SMART. That is the bottomline. There is no action, no gun shooting, no violence or banging. Just awesome dialogue and even better cases. You see, its about the cases and how they solve them .

Why would I watch this and not Ally McBeal or Law & Order? Seriously? WTF! Suits is not just amazing for its photography, wardrobe and character developments but also about the legal industry of USA and how it works. Now, I never cared about wardrobes and shit like that and I don’t like wearing suits, but by Donkey Kong the suits they wear on this show are absolutely stunning.

Give me more, I am not convinced yet. Ok turdburger, Harvey and Mike have a great chemistry, mainly because Harvey (City’s best known closer) sees in Mike himself and also, he knows that Mike is a fraud and a genius. So, Harvey, uses Mike’s brain and eye for a detail to turnaround difficult cases and annoy the rest of the firm, especially Luis Litt (played by Rick Hoffman).

Again, CouchPopcorn dude, Why should I watch it? If you are smart, educated, interested in winning arguments or contracts or sales or people, then you should watch this. If you are interested in learning how the legal battles and cases are REALLY won, then watch this. Remember, just recently when HSBC bank got caught for laundering and fostering drug lords money (worth upwards of €800million) and the American government along with EU wanted to bring them in to a trial but in return settled for ridicilous amount of money? Well, it was someone like Harvey Specter, who strong armed HSBC to settle. Read the HSBC case here

Behind every settlement, huge case or major corporate fusions (think, Nokia with Microsoft or BP’s settlement with American Government over the desaster in Mexican Gulf), is a very skilled legal team. Well, by watching Suits, you will start to understand what great lawyers do and are capable of doing, how they do it and what really goes on in the corporate world.

One of the best quotes from the show: “If someone holds a gun to your head, don’t think that you have no options, you always have options, you have 146 of them”.

There are so far 2 seasons of Suits and they are working on the third series.

Suits first season trailer.

2) GAME OF THRONES – Warning – This series maybe only suited for Geeks, Men or ladies with manly character.

What is it? Like a strategy game with some boobie action. Game of Thrones is a about a seven noble families of a mystical land of Westeros, who try to live with each other but it turns out to be not so easy. So occasional fighting and war occurs and there are lots of shagging going on as well, which is great news for the Geeks!

Why is it good? It has the whole package, great scenery  good plot with its conspiracies and twists, great leading and supporting cast (huge cast by the way!) and really good storyline. Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings) is in the leading part and oh boy is he good at it.

There is lots of dialogue and lots of fighting along with conniving people going around doing their thing.

Should I watch it if I did not like Lord of the Rings, or played strategy board or video games? No. I mean, not really, but you might change your mind after watching the first two episodes. Sincerely well made show with spectacular cast.

3) DAMAGES – Starring Glenn Close, this is one twisted series and I need to warn you right now that it might actually play, literally, with your mind.

I admit that I haven’t seen beyond season one, but I am already convinced that this is a serious TV series and should be on this list.

What is it about? Well, its about a bright and sharp law school graduate Ellen Parsons, who becomes the protégée of the successful and hard-hitting high stakes litigator Patricia Hewes (Glenn Close). But nothing is what it seems. Absolutely nothing. Right from the first episode you will experience this and that comes with a big twist.

Why watch it? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this, its so conniving and dangerious that it makes you wonder what the hell is going on in that world where this series is based. Glenn Close is, like always, creepy good and somehow gets under your skin and swims there. I have no idea how that happens, but this show will take your defences down and take over you like none other.

I am not going to write more about this show and challenge you to watch the first episode. If you are not impressed then, watch no more, but if you think there is something that you might like or it made you feel uncomfortable, then WATCH the next one. Trust me, you will be addicted.

Oh, by the way, the cast is superb. My favorite whitehair dude, Ted Danson is spectacular in this.

4) FLASHFORWARD – Everyone in the world blacksout at the same time and during the blackout, they are able to see a flash forward of their lives of a unknown point. Then, as suddenly as it happened, people wake up knowing their future but not knowing when, how and where their vision will occur. So obviously, shit will hit the fan, eventually.

Why is it good? The concept is sublime, who hasn’t seen a TV show or movie with Flashbacks, but to present a flashfoward, is another game.

SPOILER – There is only ONE season of flashforward as it was cancelled due to some shit. This show has gained lots of momentum in the online community and in blogs like couchpopcorn due to its great concept and even better story, so maybe we’ll see another season in the near future.

Why watch it? Cast is really top class, Joseph Fiennes – The Irish/English actor who starred in Enemy at the Gates and in Shakespeare in Love, is playing the leading role supported by John Cho (Harold, from Harold & Kumar!), Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean), Zachary Knighton (Happy Endings) and Patrick J Adams (Suits). The storyline is great as the viewer needs to be very alert and keep guessing  about what happened in the flashforwards and where they will lead.

You’ll know a lot about the series by watching this trailer (the show is WAYY better than the trailer)

5) LIFE ON MARS – This is what Brits are really good at, making smart shows with incredibly capable cast with a solid storyline and even better dialogue.

After being involved in a car accident in 2006, DCI Sam Tyler (John Simm) wakes up to find himself in 1973, the era of ‘Sweeney’ type policing, Mark III Cortinas, and flared trousers.

Why is it good? Because its smart and with very acute humour. The action is plenty and the characters keep growing on to you. The sad thing is that there are only 16 episodes, so you can’t really get super hooked on this but you will get the enjoyment of a masterpiece writing and acting.


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