10 best Disaster movies!

Hi there kids!

Well, as we all know, the world (or a big not) will end on Friday this week. Sorry, I don’t have the exact time for you, but I suggest you do all of the things you always wanted to do, just in case. We thought it is very appropriate to put together a list of decent Armageddon movies that you can get ideas from, perhaps, to help you to prepare better for the shit storm or just make you go apeballs and paranoid like a Shrimp at the BBQ. Whatever it might be, these are pretty entertaining movies. So why not just play with the idea and let your imagination take the lead.

You know, movies are product of imagination. Its what makes humans awesomely cool.

In no order of preference:

1) THE CORE – Because, I watched it yesterday and its actually damn good. Starring everybody and directed by some guy, The Core is about earth’s core, the inner one, threating to stop moving. This causes, significant damage to the earth, apocalyptic damage (in real life also). We won’t be protected from the cosmic radiation by the magnetic fields, lots of deadly lightning’s will destroy masses of shit, earthquakes will fuck up entire countries and more. But most importantly, it will leave us entirely open to that deadly cosmic radiation, which will fry the entire Earth.


So, in the film, bunch of smart people come up with an idea to build this machine that is able to dig in directly to the Earth’s inner core, about 3000km from the surface – called the Crust (in relation, has a similar thickness of a skin of a peach). This machine is able to beam shit out of its way with some super lasers and also able to actually Xray stuff, in order to navigate through stuff. You may think, wau, this is a really wacky idea! Well maybe, but we don’t actually know much about our Earth’s inner stuff. We know more about space than the inner Earth.

Why is it good? Because the movie takes us to a entirely new area of armageddon, there are no outsiders, no alien attacks or astreiods, its the Earth itself. When they travel in the Earth, you will be experiencing the most interesting ride of your life, seeing shit that you thought could not exist. The acting is not on top level, but the story is pretty good actually and there are lots of twists and surprises for the viewer.

2) DEEP IMPACT – This is a legendary movie already. Deep Impact is about a huge astreoid rain that will nearly destroy the Earth, but before that cause lots of damage. Starring Morgan Freeman, Elijah Wood, Tea Leoni and Robert Duvall and directed by Mimi Leader. Deep Impact was very successful when released, grossed over $200 million!

Why is it good? Because the story is very gripping and extremely thought provoking. The viewer will ask many questions during the movie, especially “what will I do in this situation?”, which is a very powerful question. There are several great moments in the film, especially when the government announces that there are several underground areas built for the protection of the people and that there are only one million spaces, so there will be a lottery to choose who gets in.

The powerful element here is the fact that everyone knows that this will happen and to see how people react to that sentence, is more than intriguing.

3) 2012 – This movie is seriously good and will make you think about the possibility of End of the World. Why? Check out the title! Also, the way the disaster unfolds is undeniable. Starring John Cusack  and directed by German mastermind, Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Day after tomorrow), 2012 is a vibrant movie with really stunning imagery and surprising ending.

2012 is the ultimate disaster movie of our generation and a true reference point to all future disaster movies.

Why is it good? I think the timing of this movie has something to do with it and they way the shit hits the fan. The viewer cannot deny being impressed by the sheer size of this project and the storyline.

2012 is very detailed oriented and tries very hard to back up all of its allegations/propositions. This is not a cheesy movie, there are no absurd moments of human dumbness, its all realistic as possible with incredible dedication to suspense.

No matter, what kind of a person you are, you will consider the point the movie is trying to raise. All of the movies in this list are thrilling and very enjoyable to watch, but this one is especially electrifying and really leaves the viewer on the edge of the seat and sometimes, depending if you watch this with friends, rooting for the protagonists!

How should I watch this? Make sure you are in front of a massive TV, as big as you can manage, great sound system (do not compromise on this!) and friends (important, because you can reflect and debate about the film). If you watch this alone, the experience will not be as good.

4) DAY AFTER TOMORROW – Another Roland Emmerich movie, this time the world is suffering from a very cold air that freezes everything and puts people back to the Ice Age. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid, Day After Tomorrow is a very exciting movie to watch due to its layered plot and great survival instinct of the main character.

A very successful movie costing to make estimated $125 million and grossed over $540 million (!) in 2004 (can you believe this movie is almost 9 years old now!)

So, why is it good? This time, the disaster movie is about the cold front coming in and freezing up half of the world, which could (in theory) happen. Unfortunately, we are again experiencing everything from the American point of view… But without a doubt, this is a very good movie and you have most likely seen it, so lets move on.

5) VOLCANO – Imagine this:

LEAD: Tommy Lee Jones and his eyebrows. SCENE: City at night INTRO: In a city at night, suddenly, a massive explosion takes place, destroying parts of the city and causing havoc. The explosion is an eruption of a massive underground Volcano, just below Los Angeles.

CUE IN: Tommy Lee Jones and his face along with lots of amazing one liners and unbelievable heroic acts, will save the city from total destruction. He also does some running, perhaps shedding a tear and there is a woman involved too.

CONFLICT: He can’t save everyone. Volcano is tearing this city a new asshole. Tommy is not a happy panda.

But it is seriously more entertaining than you could expect. TLJ is just fucking amazing in this, he is rocking different things at the same time. Its epic.

Why is it good? Umm…Tommy Lee Jones + Hellishly massive Volcano under LA + It explodes and stuff gets owned + Tommy Lee Jones’ eyebrows. BOOM!

Anything else amazing? Yeah, this trailer is absolutely ballistic! I would love to see more trailers like this

6) ARMAGEDDON  – Ok, it is here because it’s a very successful production and got lots of attention at the time of release, but there are some who might say it has more cheese than a small Swiss town.

Released almost at the same time as Deep Impact (which took lot of the spotlight), Armageddon was a massive production ($140m) and a very lucrative one too (over $500m) gaining a loyal fan base. No wonder with that cast, starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Will Patton, Steve Buscemi, Willem Fichtner, Owen Wilson and Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP). Scored by Aerosmiths famous ballad, I

Armageddon is a massive hit by any measure and made Aerosmith’s, I don’t want miss a thing one of the most famous songs of the last century.

What is it about? A massive asteroid is going to fuck up the earth and only Americans can save the world. Enter Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer), Michael Bay (director of Bad Boys, The Island) and lots of explotions, testostenore, tears, shouting and getting asshumped to death by slow motions and cheesy leading music. Oh yeah, did I mention that Ben Affleck is in this?

Why is it good? Well, it has loads of good points. Watch this bombastic trailer and make your own mind up.

7) SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD – Starring Steve Carrel (he is not playing a funny guy here) and Kiera Knightly and her lips (they should have their own movie). This film is not what you would expect it to be.

Its about this huge asteroid that’s going to hit the earth and destroy everything, but everyone knows about it in weeks advance. In person reacts in their own way to the tradegy ahead (I would personally burn a bank or steal a powerful Ferrari and drive it as fast as possible on a highway-while naked). I wrote a short review of this movie in the Weekend catch section

8) CLOVERFIELD – Really different from all of these above, because of how it was filmed and presented. The movie is filmed in a gonzo style (amateur style) and that brings entirely different feeling, as you are entirely in the mercy of the camera operator. This obviously brings an entirely new way of experiencing the problem at hand.

What is it about? Aliens attack the earth. People fight back. Oh but wait, there is a twist or two. This movie is been receiving a rekindled interest from the internet community, due to the strange humming noises heard around the world. These really creepy noises actually reminiscent the noise the aliens make in this movie.

Here is a compilation of humming noises recorded from the around world

and here is the trailer

9) KNOWING – Starring Nicolas Cage, Knowing is a very smart disaster movie, thanks to its intriguining storyline and really engaging concept. As you may know, Mr Cage is not the most credible actors out there (as his face barely changes, no matter what the situation), but he fits  in well here.

What is it about? Numbers. Its about bunch of numbers that are capable of predicting the future disasters. Nick Cage is responsible of identifying what these numbers mean and do his best to save humanity.

Why is it good? The movie begins with a very freaky kid writing down some numbers and ends with a jaw opening ending, Knowing has all the right ingredients to make a great disaster movie. There is action, lots of that, science, riddles, Nick Cage and his forehead, accidents, brilliant anti-protagonists and a solid ending.

10) MARS ATTACKS – I wanted to end with a lighter note and I think Mars Attacks is a perfect movie to do just that. Directed by Tim Burton and starring half of Hollywood, Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica whatever, Michael J. Fox (fuck yeah!), Tom Jones and Natalie Portman, just to mention few. You can’t go wrong with this production.

Why is it good? Because it’s directed by Burton and he is bonkers! I mean seriously, Mars Attacks is hilarious and just has a great vibe into it and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it.

Just watch the trailer and you will be convinced! Mak Mak Mak, Mak Mak MAAK MAAC!!!


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