Oscars time people! (Best Movie category review)

Want to know the real good films at the Oscars? Wan’t to know which films and nominees will (most likely) win? Well, here you can find the answers.

It’s the Oscars time Ladies and Gentlemen!

Although generally known by the movie industry as the least fairest awards ceremony, it is, however, the biggest one. So, we gots to respect that!

Let’s get in to it right away. Here we will be covering the  only the best picture category. However, in our other post, Oscar Predictions, we’ll briefly cover all of the major categories.

Best picture

Nominees (in order of Winners predicted by us)

LIFE OF PI – Directed by Ang Lee and starring a newbie Ayus Tandon, this is movie is about a very random boy called Piscine, you know, swimming pool in French (in same line with Blue Ivy, Apple and Blanket) who gets in to a sticky situation with a very grumpy Tiger. This movie has full of life and spirit. It leaves you considering alternatives and the layers of the story. It just ignites that kind of a reaction. The visual aspects are stunning and leave no space for predictiveness.

The ending is one of the different ones. The viewer is left with a sensation of a suction in to the heart, when you feel like this should have been different than you wanted to it to be, but it just wasn’t because no all things are meant to be like that. The director makes that critical decision, he leads you through this incredible journey and throws at you SO many little conflicts, fires, dramas, triumphs and twists, that you are in the ropes by the time we survive to the second last scene. And then it just ends…and you go to the person next to you *all opened eyed and vulnerable*, but…but…what happened to Richard Parker?

Promise you something, for the next few months after watching this movie, you will be having an underlying itch to scream, totally fucking randomly, Richard Parker (with an Indian accent) to almost any flipping thing. You just wanna get it out. Its like a weird sort of tourette syndrome. Promise.

ARGO– Directed by Ben Affleck, Argo tells a story about the US embassy staff who fled the 1980 US Embassy siege, during the frighting Iranian revolution of 1979. Iran got all mental all of a sudden and decided to break all international laws at once. Lucky USA didn’t invade at that moment…

Argo, by the way, is a fantastic movie. It is really entertaining and deserves to be in this list. It has very strong chances to win and it won’t be a surprise if it does so. It ticks most of the Academy’s wanna-award-then do this- boxes. It has the heroes (although not all accurately portrayed), who are very creative and brave, conflicted and it shows the painful chapter of World history along with telling a true story.

This will make you sweat a bit, just out nervousness. It gets very intense at some points! The true heroe of the film is the Iranian housekeeper who is not enough honoured in this one…

DJANGO – What you say Sir? D-J-A-N-G-O, the D is silent. When you watch this, you will at some point giggle at it. Because you remember who directed it reminds you of not to take everything seriously and just enjoy the entertainment aspect of it all. If you can do that then, you will have a very enjoyable experience.

Why is it here? Umm…Because it is about the American slavery period (funny enough, just about the same time as the presidency of Lincoln) and has a main character who is a black bounty hunter going around doing some crazy shit. Cue lots of blood, shooting, fighting and crazy grins. Oh yeah, and Kelly Washington.

Why it won’t win? Usually Quentin Tarantino’s movies get sidelined just in the last hurdle for some reason. Also maybe the other candidates are just way too strong.

Why it might win? Harvey Weinstein. That guy. And Leonardo Di Caprio, who should have been nominated for the best supporting category

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK – Is very weird. In good way, sometimes perhaps in a awkward way, too. You can not predict anything that will go down and if you do, you are lying, cheating or seen it before. It’s about a mental patient who just keeps going mental and then little by little he gets less mental. Then comes the weirdest dance scene you will remember for a long while.

Why it won’t win? It doesn’t tick as many Academy boxes as the other ones, but besides that it could very easily win it. It’s funny, surpringly weird and has a great cast, in fact Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and adorable Jackie Wiever are all nominated in their respective categories and to be honest I think, one of these will take the first spot.

LES MISERABLES – Oh man, why did this have to be here. Who in their busy schedule wants to watch singing in movies? Not us, at least in the beginning. I used to think that singing in the movies belonged to the old times, you know when every dialogue was a song and people made miserable shit sound weirdly psychedelic.

But wait for it people, this movie is close to an epic as any other epic-ish movie (?!). It’s long (2hrs) but not as long as the old timers. It has lots of singing but it goes with the storyline, there are no senseless fadeout songs that have nothing to do with the situation. The singing is freaking good man! IT really is. We are not sure about Russel Crow’s singing, but the rest are pretty good, even Borat is there singing his moustache off!

This film is a piece of art with heavy emphasis on costumes, in fact it will win that category thanks to the amazing Spanish artist called Paco Delgado, who also wins the awesome beard category (jealous?, yeah).

If you are grown man and want to watch something emotional, then I suggest to rethink twice before going to the cinema in your casual sports gear to watch this film, because you will be A) leaving the cinema pissed off and felt like there was too much singing or B) leave the movies crying like a little girl.

One more thing, it can be very disturbing to watch. There are some (lots) of torturing going on, some really disturbing shit, with realistic methods and procedures. If this kind of stuff gets out on a movie then imagine what really happens behind the scenes.

ZERO DARK THIRTY – There was lots of anticipation for this one boys and girls, it was meant to be the “answer” to the mysterious ending of the story of OBL and I think they tried, in a different way. Somehow I was expecting the typical Black Hawk Down style of bang bang, but it was more like a wolf crawling in the darkness, zeroing in the pray.

While you are watching this film, you will eventually ask yourself this question: How does the director know so much about what really happen to Osama Bin Laden? Because this is supposedly, strongly suggested, that its based on real events but how the hell did they know so much?

The film is definitely watchable but its not really entertaining. It has some good aspects about it, like the chaise and the politics, but it has a missing ingredient and that is the fire. There isn’t a fire to ignite the film alive. You need that in these kind of films, you wan’t something that puts the film on fire and keeps you watching the characters trying to fight with it.

The main part played by Jessica Chastain (nominee for best actress) does a decent job playing a driven CIA agent who discovers the whereabouts of OBL but that is it. The role is strong but not captivating, it is not easy to relate to her, but at the same time you understand her.

AMOUR – I don’t know what to really write about this one. It is definitely something else. It is so detailed and grabbing that even if you drift away for a while, you will be grabbed right back in the next scene. Its a story about a old and adorable couple living in a huge apartment in France, so yes, its all in that language they called French. But the film is made by Austrians and the director is also Austrian. So why not just make it in Austria and in German?

Anyway, its slow, really slow, it can be boring and very bland, but there is something…something..something about this film that just works. There is almost no soundtrack, no outside shots and eye candy, but if you have a wife/husband and you have been together for a long time or getting there, then this could be a good sunday movie for you. French (even if the Director and producers are Austrian, actors and the language is French) are very well known for making incredible character driven movies and this one is one of them. Remember, the winner of the last years best movie category was the Artist, a French movie.

Oh one more thing, Emmanuelle Riva (the lead actress) will most likely win the best actress category. She is superb in this. Absolutely fucking superb.

BEASTS OF SOUTHERN WILD – You might be thinking, what is this film doing here? Well, you will be right asking that. It is out of its comfort zone, but it is a great film. Independent movie with a budget of $1.8m and a staff of around 60 (small for a full feature film) which has made its mark in the international film world. The leading actress was 9 years old during the filming and is now a candidate with heavy weights such as Naomi Watts and  Emmanuelle Riva to win the best actress category. She has already made a record for being the youngest nominee in this category.

The film is ok, its a survival story and very character drive one too, the names of the characters are funny and will keep you amused for a while. But if this movie wins then it will be the biggest revolution the Oscars has ever seen.

LINCOLN – Directed by Spielberg, this movie is following the late Spielbergy style, which is; Dull, heavy inclination towards dialogue and over long scenes about characters inner conflicts. If watching giant turtles crawling around, carrying that huge weight on their backs and sometimes stumbling on something, amuses you then this is your movie. I mean, for some people that can be interesting, but Lincoln the movie is not your average jolly popsicle. There are some great scenes, mind you, and if you were from the USA and over the whatsapping and facebooking age, then this will rock your freaking world man. But don’t go watch this expecting there will be a mortal combat fight between Lincoln and bunch of senators, for that watch Lincoln the Vampire killer.

And the Oscars goes to…Daniel Day Lewis, who is a nutter by the way. This guy does one movie every five years and has won already 2 Oscar’s, also, he almost never breaks character, even after shots.,

Why is he going to win? Well, he is ticks all of the Academy boxes.

Portraying a historical figure, check, based on a likeable historical figure check, based in United States check, directed by Academy’s favorite golden boy check, really dull and unnecessarily long check and main character played by Daniel once a Day Lewis check.

Definitely the weakest film in this category. Its the Tree of life of 2013.


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