Few cool upcoming movies worth noticing

Hola peoples,

Lets get straight to it, there are few awesome movies that are coming up during this year, that are definitely worth checking out, here are just some of them.

My Brother the Devil From the UK, this movie is creating some noise in Europe and starting to do so in the USA. Entirely independent from a entirely unknown cast with the exception of Said Taghmaoui (La Haine– phenomenal movie btw & Vantage Point).

Why could it be good? Its raw and radical. This movie is showing exactly the way the streets of UK can be and how the youngsters really interact with each other within those circumstances. UK is a very rough place to live, if you’re not part of a middle class family or higher. Seriously guys, its definitely worth checking out. Just watch the trailer and make your own mind up!

Now you see me – The concept just seems great; Few very capable magicians defy the impossible, by showing off an amazing trick that somehow, manages to steal money from the vaults of a prestigious bank and keeps threatening to do a even bigger trick. Sure, it might sound typical hype movie, until you realise who are starring, check it; Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Melanie Laurent, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Common, Michael Kelly, Michael Caine AND Morgan Freeman. Caine and Freeman again in a same movie, this time actually in same scenes, unlike in the Batman movies.

Why could it be good? The cast, the director and the concept, just give a little indication of the true potential of this film. Trust this blog, when people like Woody, Caine and Freeman are in a same movie, things will not get boring, they’ll be moving!

The big Picture – This masterpiece is from France and is starring with the magnificent Romain Duris (Pot Luck). The Big Picture is an intense film and tells the story of a guy who screws up, big time, in France and decides to shrug off his old identity and pick up an entirely new one, abroad. So begins the thriller of the summer, with intense moments, gripping scenes of uncertainty and surprising conclusions. Rest assured that this film will entertain you and move you. The only thing is missing is Liam Neeson.

Language: It is in French, yes, but if you invest time into it and decide to focus on following only the subtitles, then you’ll miss the entire purpose of a subtitled film. The idea is to try reading the subtitles first (quick) and then watch the scene. You can also watch the centre part of the screen and try to read the subtitles with your peripherals. Some people read each line of the subtitles separately, first reading the one on top and then watching the scene and then the second one. Guys, it isn’t that difficult and it would be a HUGE shame to miss on these kinds of films just because you can’t be fucked reading subtitles. Get on it!

Why could it be good? Romain motherloving Duris, man! This guy rarely, very rarely, appears in shitty movies and if he does, his role will be impeccable. The storyline seems to have the capability to demand performance from your brain cells.


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