About CouchPopCorn

What’s up with your face?

So, CouchPopcorn is this mad blog that’ll will deliver a VERY different take on movies and TV shows that are suitable for your mood. We are specialists in the art of MindFucking, meaning: the movies and TV series that play with your mind till the point that you don’t know whats going on. Read our famous 23 Best Mindfuck Movies list that was trending in various media outlets of Poland, Canada, Lithuania and USA… really random, I know.

Also, here you can find the movies and TV shows that we look forward to and cool trailers that we think could be great films. We’ll also occasionally try to provide you with lists of films to avoid, start with NOT watching Internship, Solaris and Beasts of the Wilderness. You are more than welcome to give your input and send us your own lists.

ALSO, if you want to watch something that isn’t featured on our site, please write to us and we make sure to give you suggestions. We are really good at communicating so don’t worry about the response time

Follow us on our brand new Facebook page. Twitter is not something we use a lot at this moment, but we try to get to it one day.

You can reach us from our contact email: couchpopcorn@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!



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