Write for us!

Hey there!

With over 100,000 unique views per month, CouchPopcorn.com is one of the rising stars of the movie & TV blogs and we need your help to make it even better. Due to popular demand and annoying emails (not really, we love you crazy fuckers), we’re starting to be MUCH more active in the year 2014, and we need your help to make it superduperAwesomelysomething!

Write for us!

Do you have a great article about a movie or TV series? Know an awesome Mindfuck (we loooooove Mindfuck movies) movie you wanna analyze? Do you have an awesome movie list in mind that you want the whole world to know?

We would like to hear your take on movies, TV shows (series, miniseries) and even Documentaries that rock the world in their own way! As long as they are not super old, like from 1995 till now.

How to get started?

Easy. 3 ways:

1) Write your piece and send it to us and if we think its awesome, it’ll get published! 2) Suggest to us ideas, and if we think they’re cool, we’ll ask you to get writing. 3) Drop us an email, to find out what we would love to read about and write about that.

Guidelines: From 400-1500 words (this page is around 310 words), in your words. Keep it Fresh, digestible and relevant. DO NOT PLAGIARISE – we will find out motherlover and you’ll be sorry that you did. Not native English speaker? Don’t worry brother/sister, we’ll fix the grammar and get it published for you and you still get the credit. Also, all articles get published on our brand new Facebook page!

In return you’ll get your profile and links to all of your social media shit that you want, along with it fame, women/men, dogs and lots of virtual high fives.

All this can happen by contacting us on: COUCHPOPCORN@GMAIL.COM or on our Facebook page.

Love your self.



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